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Hailey Simone is a music artist, singer-songwriter, and producer who makes a well-crafted song appear effortless. She had an early interest in music, ignited by her father’s involvement in the Midwest hip-hop crew PowerHouse. Drawing on an eclectic mix of hip-hop, R&B, and cloud rap, she is recognized as having an experimental, smooth sound with a dash of tactful lyricism. She continues to develop her skills in addition to managing the independent music label, PV2 Records, to which she is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

“The fresh faces on Milwaukee’s hip hop scene are seemingly never-ending, but occasionally a few faces shine brighter than others. In this case, enter… Hailey Simone.”
~ Miles Patzer, Muse MKE
“I am so happy see an artist grow so much in so little time... she is really going to be dope as she continues putting music out.”
~ Dan Rybski, Hip Hop Midwest


Maladaptive Daydreams (Single) ~ [Stream/Download]

"This forward thinking artist doesn’t need more than 148 seconds, to unfold her talent, admirably borrowing elements of hip-hop, contemporary r&b & cloud rap, in a gem whose compelling vocal expression, rich sonic textures and lush harmonies are its strongest assets. A smooth banger, full of raw emotion, outspoken lyrics, flowless progression & a fearless diy spirit. Embrace the future!"
~ Last Day Deaf